ETLCEngineering Teaching and Learning Complex (University of Alberta; Canada)
ETLCEuropean Trade Union Liaison Committee on Tourism (est. 1995)
ETLCEco Terra Landscape Consultants (Bozeman, MT)
ETLCEast Texas Literacy Council (Longview, TX)
ETLCElectronic Text & Literature Cloud (independent authors)
ETLCEducational Technology Leadership Conference
ETLCEffective Teaching and Learning Centre (Australia)
ETLCEnergy Technology Leasing Corporation
ETLCEvapotranspiration Landfill Cover
ETLCEuropean Tourism Liaison Committee Inc. (merchant services)
ETLCEnvironmental Test Levels Committee (US NASA)
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The responsibility for providing professional development to instructors of online courses falls to the ETLC and the Center for Teaching and Learning.
The mass of the extracted lipid sample was used to determine the percentage of the initial sample that was lipid, or the ETLC content.
Variation in relative fecundity (number of eggs per female), shell height (mm), dry weight (g), and ETLC by collection site were examined using Kruskal-Wallis rank tests, with Dunn's test for multiple comparisons if the overall test was significant.
The mean egg total lipid content (ETLC) of eggs from MO oysters was 5.3%, significantly higher than the ETLC of eggs from oysters from all other sites (i.e., MY: 3.0%; CY: 2.8%; C[O.sub.a]: 2.9%; P < 0.05 for all pairwise comparisons with MO).
In contrast to the ETLC data for 2010, the average 2011 ETLC data did not vary significantly by site (P > 0.05); for all sites, the average ETLC was between 4.7% and 5.2% in 2011.