eTMAElectronic Tutor Marked Assignment (Open University; UK)
eTMAEuropean Training Media Association
eTMAEducational Television & Media Association
eTMAEastside Transportation Management Association (Wisconsin)
eTMAEuropean Television Management Academy (Strasburg, France)
eTMAEuropean Trademark Attorney
eTMAEuropean Tubes Manufacturers Association
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A small nuance, they see the ETMA (which would vote by simple majority) as a "kind of monster", and recommend, in its place, "a European facilitator for spectrum policy", which would help implement the reform with the national authorities with the aid of a database on users and uses.
I mention these works to help make salient the ETMA profile, but different examples would serve as well.
TFS acquired the EMS company ETMA (Redmond, WA) in December 2002 and maintains operations in the Redmond location.
Lord Trefgarne, chairman of ETMA, said it was vital for more people in industry to enhance their skills to overcome the shortage of skills in the engineering sector.
Dr Michael Sanderson, chief executive of ETMA the National Training Organisation for Engineering Manufacture, complained that characters like East-Enders' Phil Mitchell and coronation Street's Kevin Webster provided a negative and outdated view.
Pilar del Castillo Vera (EPP-ED, Spain) will take care of the proposal for a regulation on establishing the European Telecom Market Authority (ETMA).
The commissioner succeeded in proposing the creation of a European telecommunications market authority (ETMA).
Firstly, there is the proposal for a regulation establishing the European Telecom Market Authority (ETMA).