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ETOCEducation and Training Opportunities Catalogue (NATO)
ETOCElectric Tournament of Champions
ETOCEmergency Tactical Operations Center (US FEMA)
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ETOCEngineer Company Tactical Operations Center
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"When we were told we could compete in the ETOC, we were so excited we could hardly believe it," said a visibly elated Mohammed, who is a management student in Kuwait.
We sent a video of our flying skills to Hobbico in the US and they were thrilled to have us compete in the ETOC 2013," said Mohammed.
The ETOC is conducted by Hobbico, which is the largest model hobby company in the world and the largest distributor of radio-controlled and general hobby products in the US.
The delivery and implementation of the ETCC was divided into three phases that constitute the MedTeams program: site planning and preparation, ETOC training, and teamwork implementation.
An ETOC must perform the following six functions to effectively provide command and control for engineer elements operating in the TF sector and M/S BOS support to the TF:
An ETOC must receive information from the parent engineer battalion, the supported maneuver TF, and subordinate or attached engineer units operating within its area of operation (AO) to execute the remaining five TOC functions effectively.
An ETOC must be capable of rapidly distributing the information it has received to the elements requiring the information.
It is also important that the ETOC monitors the communication of scatterable-mine warnings within the TF sector and to higher headquarters.
The personnel manning an ETOC must continuously analyze the information from subordinate sources and higher echelons as to how it is affecting the M/S support of the current TF's scheme of maneuver.
Os desempenhos de Camargo (EToC) e Thornthwaite (EToTh) para Palmeira das Missoes, e de Thornthwaite (EToTh) para Frederico Westphalen, demonstram a limitacao desses metodos para uso em escala diaria nessas localidades (Tabela 3).
As excecoes foram os metodos de Thornthwaite (EToTh) e Camargo (EToC), que obtiveram classificacao inferior, entre ruim e regular (Tabela 3), para Frederico Westphalen.
Dispondo-se apenas de dados de temperatura do ar para o calculo da ETo, na escala diaria, os metodos de Camargo (EToC) e Thornthwaite modificado por Camargo (EToTmC) para Frederico Westphalen, e de Hargreaves & Samani (EToHS) e Thornthwaite modificado por Camargo (EToTmC) para Palmeira das Missoes, devem preferencialmente serem adotados.