ETOPExtended Range Twin Engine Operation (US FAA)
ETOPEducation and Training in Optics and Photonics
ETOPEnvironmental Technology Opportunities Portal (website; US EPA)
ETOPEnvironmental Threat and Opportunity (business analysis)
ETOPEmployee Training Opportunity Program
ETOPElective Termination of Pregnancy
ETOPEnhanced Training Opportunities Program (continuing vocational education)
ETOPEngineering Turnover Package
ETOPExpedited Task Order Process
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APOLOGY J Dr Etop Akpan and Sharon McEneaney Pictures: RTE NEWS
Two technical meeting days will also be held during ETOP. An Energy Day focusing on solar, wind, hydro and nuclear power will be held on July 6 and an Astronomy Day on July 7.
Cells were allowed to adhere overnight, and then media were replaced with fresh media containing a range of drug doses (DOX, 0-1 [micro]M; ETOP, 0-500 [micro]M; 5FU, 0-10 mM).
Back at the homepage, the Technology Users section of the ETOP site connects those searching for environmental technologies to appropriate solutions, sorted by type: air, water, solid and hazardous waste, and pollution prevention.
ACCUSED Dr Etop Akpan DELAYS Sharon McEneaney and, right, members of her family
Flyglobespan has had its "Etops" certification suspended by the Civil Aviation Authority, meaning its planes can never be more than one hour from an airport.
[8] Ndiyo, Etop E (2009): Necessary Conditions for Solvability of hyperbolic Equations in infinite Dimensional Space.
h) Penman (EToP): etop=[W/[lambda]] x ([R.sub.n] - G) + (1 - W) x f(u) x ([e.sub.s] - [e.sub.a]) (9), em que ETo e a evapotranspiracao de referencia (mm [dia.sup.-1]); [lambda] e o calor latente de vaporizacao d'agua (2,45MJ [kg.sup.-1] [degrees][C.sup.-1]) e f(u) e a funcao empirica do vento, que representa o termo aerodinamico do metodo.
Elective terminations of pregnancy (ETOP) required external committee approval.
In establishing support for this hypothesis, the researchers were also able to demonstrate that a profile of expressed genes could serve as a template to predict the mechanism of action for a third cancer drug, etoposide (ETOP).
ETOP MOVE:Aaron Hughes jumps over Maik Taylor, much to the dismay of Andriy Vorobey