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ETOPSExtended Twin (Engine) Operations
ETOPSEngines Turn(ing) Or Passengers Swim(ming)
ETOPSExtended-Range Twin-Engine Operational Performance Standards
ETOPSExtended Twin-Engine Over-water Operations
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Although ETOPS has been a requirement for twin-engine airplanes since the 1980s, the regulations have recently been applied to the design of passenger airplanes with more than two engines.
Our customers will benefit from this additional level of reliability inherent to ETOPS design approvals while still leveraging the vast network of routes ideal to the 747-8 capabilities, including 330-minute ETOPS routes," said Bruce Dickinson, vice president and general manager, 747 program, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.
It could be flown with 240 minute ETOPS but only when Easter Island's airstrip is available for landings, which isn't always the case.
The approval which includes ETOPS 180min in the basic specification also includes provisions for ETOPS 300min and ETOPS 370min depending on individual operator selection.
Traditionally, ETOPS approval beyond 2 hours is not granted until an aircraft has had at least two years of trouble free operations.
TOULOUSE, France, March 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Derichebourg Atis aeronautique (DERICHEBOURG group) and ETOPS Aviation Services (MWC group) are pleased to announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) outlining plans to collaborate on various areas to provide a complete range of aviation services for airlines, OEM's and aircraft leasing companies.
The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has just granted ATR, the European manufacturer of turboprop aircraft, ETOPS 120 minutes certification of its new '-600' series ATR aircraft.
FAA said it was too early to discuss Boeing 787 ETOPS approval An FAA spokesperson said it was too early to discuss ETOPS approval since Boeing's battery fix was still being tested.
Obtaining ETOPS and Flag Carrier status not only clears the path for our new service to Hawaii, but also opens up potential international opportunities and will play an important role in our company's future growth.
Dublin flights start on 14 May and will be flown with Boeing 757-200 ETOPS aircraft which seat 164 in the main cabin and 12 in business class.
Introduction of optimized route planning in Europe, ETOPS capabilities and CFMU validation continue to build on the successful framework of Jeppesen FlitePlan Online, which allows worldwide flight plans to be intuitively designed and filed in less than one minute and eliminates multiple-step data entry.
Now the jet faces the potential temporary loss of its ETOPS approval or a roll-back to two hours, according to government officials and aviation experts.