ETOREstimated Time of Restoration (utilities)
ETORElectronic Trading and Order Routing
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Tomando os valores de ETo calculados pelo metodo de Penman-Monteith (FAO) (EToPM) como padrao, igual a 1 ou 100%, e comparando aos resultados dos demais modelos testados, observa-se que o metodo EToRs tendeu a superestimar a EToPM na maior parte do ano.
EToTmC EToMk EToRs Frederico Westphalen-RS Diaria a -0,1758 -0,1654 -0,9361 b 0,9016 0,8433 1,4088 [R.
MGM Home Etors described in the company's filings with th inherent in the forward-looking information herein, the inclusion of such information should not be regarded as a representation by the company or any other person that the company's objectives or plans will be realized.