ETOTEstimated Take Off Time
ETOTExtended Time on Treatment
ETOTEnergy Trading Operations and Technology (summit)
ETOTEstimated Take-Off Time
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(3) The Etot values normalized per kg of body weight per minute (ml x [kg.sup.-1] x [min.sup.-1]) were not significantly different between male and female Standard dancers.
"Etot troistvennyi soiuz nachitalsia Smysla liubvi i Kreitserovoi sonaty i pomeshan na propovedi tselomudriia" (Sobranie 3: 42).
For instance, English and Russian belong to the set of languages with two demonstrative terms, usually labeled "proximal" (English this, Russian etot) and "distal" (English that, Russian tot); however, it is often not the case that terms with the same label are translation equivalents.
Understandably in the solvated phase the contribution of the [] to the Etot increases significantly (items 9 and 10).
(2) In Russian, the titles read: "Poklonenie volkhvov," "Pamiati Anny Akhmatovoi," "Pri vsem talante i ume," and "Etot vecher svobodnyi."
637), aber schon wahrend der Verfolgungsjagd am Stadtrand spurt Gustav einen angenehmen Vorgeschmack--lautmalerisch verstarkt durch das alliterierende "chr"--bei dem Gedanken an die Knorpel, die er beim Zerbrechen des Ruckgrats zwischen den Fingern spuren wird (kak on toze [...] tronet eti chrjasciki, etot chrustjascij chrebet, S.
Livingston boss Jim Leishman has given up hope of landing Cameroon international Constantin Etot - after his old side Dunfermline moved in for the midfielder.
Cameroon internationalist Constantin Etot set up John Paul Burns for the Jambos' opener in 22 minutes but Graham Harvey levelled four minutes later.
Some of the key topic areas that will be addressed at the "10th ETOT Summit" include:
Not long ago, Holt Meyer pointed out, in this context, a variant of the text in which Pushkin cites Horace's "Exegi monumentum": "I etot iunyi stikh nebrezhnyi / Perezhivet moi vek miatezhnyi / Mogu 1" voskliknut" (o druz'ia)--/ Exegi monumentum ia" (And this young [new] and heedless verse / Will outlive my seditious age / Perhaps, o friends, I can exclaim / Exegi monumentum; BPSS VI, 300), in which the combination of Latin and Russian, particularly in the rhyme "o druz'ia ...