ETPAEntreprise de Travaux Publics d'Armor (French: Business of Public Works of Armor)
ETPAÉcole de Tir du Pays d'Aubagne (French school shooting)
ETPAEnvelope Tracking Power Amplifier (physics)
ETPAEmergency Tenant Protection Act of 1974
ETPAEast Timor Public Administration
ETPAEuropean Transpersonal Psychology Association
ETPAEntreprise de Tonnelage Polissage Avivage (French polishing company)
ETPAEast Texas Police Academy (Kilgore, TX)
ETPAEstonian Trade Promotion Agency
ETPAElliston Tourism and Progress Association (Australia)
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The EtpA adhesin molecule, which was secreted by a diverse population of ETEC strains, including H10407, was found to be a dominant ETEC blood group A-specific lectin/hemagglutinin and was shown to interact specifically with glycans expressed on intestinal epithelial cells from blood group A individuals.
ETPA Chairman Samy Mahmoud said in a press release to Daily News Egypt that the Ministry of Tourism is moving to East European markets and new markets in central, eastern and southern Asia, under the Russian crisis with EU countries.
Lipman, "Energy efficient thermal and power aware (ETPA) routing in Body Area Networks," in Proceedings of the IEEE 23rd International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC '12), pp.
(347.) See 1997 RRRA [section] 36 (amending ETPA [section] 745(2) (1974)).
In order to broaden its spectrum and offer customers the best possibilities when selling labels, George Ekonomou, sales director at ETPA Packaging, decided to invest in a Gallus EC'S 340.This machine consists of nine flexo printing stations and tour screen printing modules and is further equipped with a cold foil unit, as well as the possibility of backside printing on glue.
While rent stabilization needs a building to have six or more residential units to come into effect for a particular building, ETPA buildings that were IMD's can have as few as three units.
The ETPA will remain in effect so long as New York remains in a state of housing emergency, which occurs when the vacancy rate dips below 5 percent.
Real estate professionals have added these abbreviations and the shortcuts of REALTYSPEAK to their everyday vocabulary by using acronyms like: DOB (Department of Buildings); DOF (Department of Finance); ETPA (Emergency Tenant Protection Act); DEP (Department of Environmental Protection); DEC (NYS Department of Environmental Conservation); OMB (Office of Management & Budget); REBNY (Real Estate Board of NY); CPC (City Planning Commission); BSA (NYC Board of Standards & Appeals; EDC (the New York City Economic Development Corporation); UMEZ (Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone); MONYEZ (Mayor's Office of the New York Empowerment Zone).
The problems the experts predict have already been experienced in Westchester, where some cooperative and condominium units owned by sponsors and individual owners rented prior to July 7, 1993 are still subject to full stabilization protection and renewals under the Emergency Tenant Protection Act (ETPA).