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ETPCEnhanced Turbo Product Code
ETPCEager to Please Chubster
ETPCEuropejski Trybunal Praw Czlowieka (Polish: European Court of Human Rights)
ETPCEligible Training Provider Certification (various states)
ETPCErie Thames Powerlines Corporation (Ontario, Canada)
ETPCEast Tennessee Progress Center
ETPCEngineering Technology Projects Center
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According to the regression analysis, the leaf contents of soluble carbohydrates followed a linear model of prediction as a function of the evaluated water deficit levels ([R.sup.2] = 0.92), in which the treatment with 100% ETpc was superior in approximately 41%, compared with 20% ETpc.
The leaf contents of free proline varied from 0.60 [micro]mol [g.sup.-1] DM in fully irrigated plants (100% ETpc) to 1.84 [micro]mol [g.sup.-1] DM in those cultivated under the most severe level of water stress (20% ETpc), totaling a percent increment of approximately 67%, comparing the extreme values obtained for this solute.
The plants were submitted to two different water regimes (WR): Irrigated (100% of the potential crop evapotranspiration - ETpc), non-irrigated (0% of ETpc) and three different fertilization levels (FL) with NK: 50% of the recommended conventional nutrition (fertilization), 100% of the recommended conventional nutrition and150% of the recommended conventional nutrition of the crop, configuring the 2x3 factorial design with six treatments, wherein the first factor is related to the presence or absence of irrigation (WR), and the second factor regarding the three different fertilization levels with NK (FL), with five repetitions (each one with four representative trees).
For the calculation of these ratios, treatment with lower salinity (1.72 dS [m.sup.-1]) and appropriate water supply was used as a reference (ETpc 100%).
According to the proposed mathematical model, the coconut leaf area is linearly increased by 0.0019 [m.sup.2] [plant.sup.-1] at each unitary increase of ETpc and also linearly reduced, with decreases of approximately 0.0004 [m.sup.2] [plant.sup.-1] at each increase in EC, and the association of effects reflected in reductions in leaf area of the order of 2.35.
A correlacao de Pearson foi utilizada para verificar a relacao entre as variaveis hormonais ([T.sub.3] e [T.sub.4]) e as de desempenho produtivo (Peso inicial, Peso Final e Ganho de Peso Medio Diario), qualidade de carcaca (ETPC, ETUC, ETUL, ID, CC e %CM) e de carne ([T.sub.1min], TM, [pH.sub.45min] e [pH.sub.24h]) pelo programa computacional SAS[R] (versao 8.0, 2000).
O peso final apresentou correlacao positiva de moderada a alta (P < 0,05) para ETPC, ETUC, ETUL, comprimento do ID, CC, porem negativa e moderada para %CM (Tabela 3) (P < 0,05).
The means and standard deviations for the scores on each of the items of the ETPC were computed and t-tests employed to examine the relationship between background variables and performance of effective teaching practices.
It appears that a water restriction of 50% ETpc in the vegetative stage does not harm yield and may even be considered as a stimulus, because this treatment was statistically superior to that without water deficit (T3), promoting increments of 10.23 and 9.65% in the cultivars M9144RR and TMG1288RR, respectively.