ETPIEastern Telecommunications Philippines Inc.
ETPIEducation Tax Policy Institute (est. 1997; Columbus, OH)
ETPIEntertainment Technologies & Programs Inc. (Houston, TX)
ETPIEnvironmental Technology Program for Industry (Pakistan)
ETPIExtrasystolic Test Pulse Interval (cardiology)
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To solve the mystery of dead spots in the workplace, ETPI said it all boils down to harnessing Wi-Fi itself.
A distincao entre crimes internacionais proprios e improprios e fundamental para a compreensao do como do exercicio da jurisdicao penal internacional na medida em que, sinteticamente, a pratica de crimes internacionais proprios enseja a possibilidade de exercicio de varias formas de jurisdicao penal, seja pelos Estados --jurisdicao penal concorrente entre competencia territorial e jurisdicao penal extraterritorial decorrente do principio da justica universal--e isso em razao da regra de conexao da incriminacao internacional -, seja por Tribunais Penais Internacionais, em especial o TPI, que se orienta pelo principio da complementariedade, nos termos dos artigos 1 e 17 do ETPI, isto e, quando os Estados-Membros do TPI nao puderem ou nao quiserem exercer a persecucao penal.
Water phase suspension method has been reported to be fabricated ETPI by using peracetic acid as epoxidizing agent [1,2, 8].
A medida diaria do poder evaporante do ar a sombra foi realizada com o auxilio de um evaporimetro de Piche (ETpi) instalado dentro de um abrigo, a 1,5 m, situado na mesma area em que a estacao agrometeorologica se encontrava.
The ETPI is one of only two such facilities in the world and home of the most cutting edge equipment available.
Discharge of water with a higher TDS value may have an adverse effect on the aquatic life (Salequzzaman et al., 2008), and render the water unfit for drinking and domestic purpose, reduce crop yield if used in irrigation, and exacerbate corrosion in pipeline used in water supply system (ETPI, 2001).
(i) Epoxy resin pre-reacted with Nipol 1472 in the presence of ETPI catalyst (PWE system): Five parts per hundred resin (5 pph) of Nipol 1472 were previously dissolved in acetone and then charged into a flask containing the TGDDM monomer (63.75 pph) and the catalyst (0.5 pph).
Dubai: The UAE national golf team will train at the European Tour Performance Institute (ETPI) at Jumeirah Golf Estates in preparation for September's Eisenhower Trophy - world amateur team championships - in Mexico.
Hahn holed six birdies to put his team at the top of the leaderboard ahead of 19 other teams captained by European Challenge Tour players, who are in Dubai training at the European Tour's Performance Institute (ETPI) ahead of next week's Road to Oman season finale, the NBO Golf Classic Grand Final at Almouj Golf Club in Muscat.