ETPMEntrepose GTM Pour les Travaux Petroliers et Maritimes (French oil and gas industry installation contractor, now Stolt Offshore)
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Within the zooplankton, copepods form important prey for the most common fish larvae found in the ETP off Mexico (ETPM), Bregmaceros bathymaster (Siordia-Cermeno, Sanchez-Velasco, Sanchez-Ramirez, & Franco-Gordo, 2006; Davies et al., 2015).
Previous studies about the variability of copepod communities in the ETPM were either carried out exclusively in coastal sites (Kozak, Franco-Gordo, Suarez-Morales, & Palomares-Garcia, 2014; Jimenez-Perez, 2016) or over a greater spatial range but restricted to a single period without seasonal replicates (Chen, 1986; Lopez-Ibarra, Hernandez-Trujillo, Bode, & Zetina-Rejon, 2014).
Tropical copepods form a large part of zooplankton biomass and are therefore important drivers of zooplankton productivity, but the impact of physical and biological variables on copepod community structure is poorly known in the ETPM. The analysis of the effect of hydrological changes such as increased temperature on species distribution and abundance can provide a baseline to understand the effects of short-term variability such as ENSO and long-term hydrological modifications driven by climate change on copepod community structure.
The contrasting effects of EN and LN on temperature and water column stability appeared to modify the established pattern of currents and coastal upwelling during the study period, processes which have been reported to have strong effects on zooplankton and ichthyoplankton communities in both oceanic and coastal regions of the ETPM (Ambriz-Arreola, Gomez-Gutierrez, Franco-Gordo, Lavaniegos, & Godinez-Dominguez 2012; Leon-Chavez, Beier, Sanchez-Velasco, Barton, & Godinez, 2015).
Recent studies in the ETPM have shown the important effects of mesoscale processes (upwelling, eddies) on zooplankton distribution and structure (Leon-Chavez, et al., 2010; Davies et al., 2015).
Lord Justice Kay said ETPM had rightly been cleared of negligence over the accident, probably caused by stress corrosion which the company could not have been expected to foresee.
Com este trabalho, procurou-se comparar as estimativas de evapotranspiracao pelo metodo de Penman-Piche (ETpi) com os valores estimados pelo Metodo de Penman Monteith (ETpm), padrao FAO, no periodo de 2003 a 2008.
ETpm = 0,408xsx(Rn - G) + [gamma] x 900 x [U.sub.2] x ([e.sub.s] - [e.sub.a])/T + 273/s x [gamma] x (1 + 0,34 x [U.sub.2] (5)
Differences on several issues contained in the share purchase agreement has resulted in a decision by Global Industries Ltd., Houston, to abandon plans to acquire ETPM, S.A.
Total awarded the $175m offshore building contract to Serimer, a subsidiary of ETPM of France, and to the local Offshore Industries Company (Saff) which is owned by Iran Marine Industrial Co.
Presiding over the convention will be outgoing IPLOCA President Henri Vincent who is administrator and member of the board of directors of ETPM S.A., France.
The current IPLOCA Board of Directors include: (front row, left to right) Marshall Hudson, director, McDonnell Dowell Middle East; Jean-Guy Rames, 2nd vice president, Entrepose; Satti Pung, immediate past president, Punj Lloyd; Henri Vincent, president, ETPM; Hans Ringers, 1st vice president, Visser & Smith Hanab; Attila Dogan, treasurer, Attila Dogan Construction; and Geert Capiau, executive director, IPLOCA.