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Extensive fieldwork proved that the Geoffroy's cat is the only small cat at CdTR (Vuillermoz and Sapoznikow, 1998; Manfredi et al., 2006) and ETPP (Manfredi, 2006).
At LANP, CLR and, especially, CdTR, trees (Nothofagus sp., 80% of the cases, n = 28; Prosopis caldenia, 100%, n = 17; Celtis tala, 100%; n = 73, respectively) were the most common defecation sites, whereas feces were mainly found on grass tussocks and along trails at GLR, and at ETPP, an area where large trees are rare, most defecation sites were in natural rocky shelters (Fig.
By definition, latrines are re-used sites, but we were able to record the regular use of some defecation sites for at least five years at CdTR and four years at ETPP. Although we could not prove that feces were specifically used in territorial marking/defence, we argue that such long-term use is also suggestive of a marked selection by Geoffroy's cats and of the importance of defecation sites.