ETPUEnhanced Time Processing Unit
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5, for examples of one elastomeric (Estane TPU 58277) and one amorphous glassy (Isoplast ETPU 301) TPU], G' and G" (not shown here) superpose onto the curves of the first cooling, that is, the hysteresis disappears after the first heating/cooling cycle, indicating that whatever structure was formed is now stable and reversible.
Figure 9 shows the DSC thermograms for Estane TPU XI175 and Isoplast ETPU 301 obtained following the same procedure as used in oscillatory temperature sweeps (temperature ranged from 130 to 220[degrees]C with 3[degrees]C/ min).
FTIR spectra of Isoplast ETPU 301 during heating are presented in Fig.
The 2D WAXS patterns for Isoplast ETPU 301 are anisotropic (Fig.
As stated above, contrarily to Isoplast ETPU 301, in Estane TPU X1175, no orientation in visible by X-ray diffraction.
Now consider the same scenario in a system with an eTPU. A single eTPU function will handle all of the control cycle period generation, pulse counting, and measurement, generating a single interrupt request every 5 milliseconds.
Even in a relatively simple flow control example like this, it is unlikely that a processor without an eTPU would be able to handle direct control of the system while also simultaneously allowing remote network control and encryption.
Testing of Parts from Redesigned Mould: ETPU was added to the testing at this point because of the poor performance of the other two materials and based on its historical success in flexure fatigue applications.
Six ETPU joints made from the redesigned prototype mould all cycled without failure before the test was discontinued at 400% of the required flexural cycles each.
Even though ETPU successfully passed the flexure fatigue test, a final tool modification was made in which a radiused contour was added to the centre blade side ribs.
Additional Testing: ETPU was the only material that successfully "passed" the flexing tests, as both PA and PEI resins did not pass the flexure fatigue testing.
The ETPU resin was then taken through functional testing on assembled units to ensure that it met the other loading conditions.