ETPVEngineering Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
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DuPont ETPV grades--ETPV 95A02HS BK001 and 95A02 NC010--promise excellent processing stability in profile extrusion and in blow molding (e.g., air ducts).
ETPV 95A02HS BK001 and 95A02 NC010 grades are said to provide outstanding processing stability.
An ETPV from Multibase consists of crosslinked silicone in a nylon or TPU matrix.
Only a few years old, the emerging category of so-called "super-TPVs" or "engineering TPVs" (ETPVs), is pushing the limits of heat and oil resistance.
Two other recent DuPont ETPV additions have hardness values of 70 and 80 Shore A.
DuPont's ETPVs are a cross-linked ethylene-acrylic rubber in a copolyester TPE (similar to DuPont's Hytrel).
DuPont ETPV is said to deliver a unique combination of properties, including high heat and oil resistance benefits, while providing the flexibility and performance of rubber.
(49) DuPont ETPV high temperature aging performance.
Tflex fuel vent tubing from Teleflex Fluid Systems is said to rely on ETPV engineering thermoplastic vulcanizate to provide a strong, flexible structure that can be easily formed into complex shapes, according to the company.