ETRCElectronic Traction Control
ETRCEuropean Truck Racing Cup
ETRCElectronic Text Research Center
ETRCEastern Townships Research Centre (est. 1982; Bishop's University; Canada)
ETRCEducational Technology Resource Centre
ETRCEngineering Test Reactor Critical
ETRCEducation and Training Review Committee
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Seven loci were polymorphic: QUB-11b (H = 0.67), ETRA (H = 0.59), MIRU40 (H = 0.47), ETRC (H = 0.34), MIRU 27 (H = 0.34), QUB-26 (H = 0.33), and MIRU 26 (H = 0.16).
Los loci 802 (MIRU40), 577 (ETRC), 2531 (MIRU23), 3690 (Mtub39), 1955 (Mtub21), 2165 (ETRA), 2401 (Mtub30) y 960 (MIRU10), han sido reportados como altamente discriminatorios (7, 17, 22, 26), sin embargo, los resultados del presente estudio indican que poseen una discriminacion moderada.
On June 18, 24 ETRC members, along with their adviser, Cyndi Piehl, volunteered in Brimfield picking up debris, raking leaves, moving trees and wood and more.
The ETRC has three research facilities with an approximate aggregate floor area of 23,000 square meters, making it the largest scale among Kao's research facilities in the country.
The ETRC project works with local women to produce and distribute smokeless, fuel efficient clay stoves which reduces firewood collection time whilst creating cleaner, healthier living and working environments.
Additionally, four loci (ETRB, ETRC, ETRD, and MIRU27) had poor discrimination ability (HGDI < 0.3), and MIRU23 (0.069) showed almost negligible diversity (HGDI < 0.1; Table 4).
In addition, the company will start construction in January on a Eco-Technology Research Center (ETRC), which will house three research facilities.
Figures advanced by the European Travel Retail Council (ETRC) at a European Parliament hearing on 2 May show that at least 40% of the liquids being confiscated are products bought in tax-free shops in airports outside the Union.
([dagger]) VNTR 0577, 2461, 4156, 1895 correspond to ETRC, ETRB, QUB 4156 and 1895, respectively (23,24).
Frank O'Connell, chairman of the European Travel Retail Council (ETRC) feels that the question of transit passengers is the main problem posed by the new security rules.