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ETS1External Transcribed Spacer Region 1
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Moreover, EGFR also represses TP53 to modulate ETS1 in the MAPK signaling pathway to promote dysfunction of metabolism and apoptosis through the mediation of FRAT2 and RPL30.
ETS1 is a transcription factor that regulates numerous genes and is involved in stem cell development while WNT5A is part of a large secreted protein family that controls essential developmental processes such as embryonic patterning, cell growth, migration, and differentiation.
MiR-125b is methylated and functions as a tumor suppressor by regulating the ETS1 proto-oncogene in human invasive breast cancer.
AutoDock Tools were used for creating PDBQT files from traditional PDB files of all the InPACdb compounds and of Ets1. To prepare pdbqt file of rigid protein Ets- 1and of ligands: hydrogen atoms were added kollman charges were added non-polar hydrogen atoms and charges were merged aromatic carbons were assigned and number of rotatable bonds was set for each compound.
Yang et al., "microRNA-9 suppresses the proliferation, invasion and metastasis of gastric cancer cells through targeting cyclin D1 and Ets1," PLoS ONE, vol.
In CH published non-HLA loci SNPs showed significant association with SLE (Supplementary Table 3), including ETS1 (rs1128334, PCH = 2.4 x [10.sup.-3]), IRF8 (rs2280381, [P.sub.CH] = 1.38 x [10.sup.-2]), TNFAIP3 (rs5029939, [P.sub.CH] = 1.62 x [10.sup.-2]), STAT4 (rs3821236, [P.sub.CH] = 1.86 x [10.sup.-2]), and RASGRP3 (rs13385731, [P.sub.CH] = 3.63 x [10.sup.-2]).
Shazli et al., "The Ets1 transcription factor is involved in pterygial angiogenesis," Journal of Veterinary Medicine C, vol.
These genes include Ets-1 and FoxP3 [32]; ITGAM and FcyRIIIA [33]; PD-1.3A, C4AQ0, and MBL [34]; AlFadhli (IRF9, ABCA1, APOBEC3, CEACAM3, OSCAR, TNFA1P6, MMP9, and SLC4A1) [35]; FCGR3A and FCGR3B [36]; Tlr7 [37]; TBX21 and IFNG [38]; CD95 and CCR7 [39]; Fkbp11 [40]; JHDM1D and HDAC1-3 [41]; IL-28RA [42]; andpSTAT1 and ETS1 [43].
They observed that the TFs ETS1 and RUNX1 had a higher binding enrichment in JIA-asssociated SEs, which could be distinguished from the classical NF-KB-formed SEs.
Pathways Number of Involved Adjusted hits genes p value Pathways in 9 Jun, Runx1, MAX, Fas, 0.005 cancer FGF22, HSP90AA2, Cdk2, ETS1, Cdc42 MAPK signaling 7 Jun, MAX, Fas, FGF22, 0.024 pathway mapt, Il1r1, Cdc42 GnRH signaling 4 Jun, ITPR2, Gnas, Cdc42 0.049 pathway
Hu et al., "Transcription factor Ets1 regulates expression of thioredoxin -interacting protein and inhibits insulin secretion in pancreatic [beta]-cells," PLoS One, vol.