ETSBEastern Townships School Board (Canada)
ETSBEmergency Telephone System Board
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First, we augment and strengthen previous research findings that suggest measures of innate intelligence and pre-college learning experiences (e.g., ACT scores) are associated with higher performance on the ETSB. Of course business schools could use these results and improve their ETSB results by simply increasing entrance standards.
In one of the evaluations of ETSB results, Allen & Bycio (1997) found a high correlation between ETSB scores and student business GPA and SAT scores.
In research closely aligned in purpose to our study, Mirchandani, Lynch and Hamilton (2001) sought first to explain the variation in ETSB scores of their students, and then to leverage that information to improve either their curriculum or its delivery for the benefit of their students.
Bagamery, Lasik, and Nixon (2005) added to the results of Mirchandani, Lynch, and Hamilton (2001) by exploring the degree to which grades in core business courses helped explain ETSB scores.
They also pointed out analysis of factors driving ETSB results can be used to identify characteristics of at-risk students, students with a low level of student learning, so that coursework might be designed for those students with weaknesses in specific areas.
(2011) challenged the value of administering the ETSB. They evaluated many more parameters than prior studies and developed a sophisticated logistic model to predict ETSB performance.
In value-added studies using the ETSB, researchers used pre/post-test designs to address their research questions.
They found that both the upper-level core and overall GPAs were positively correlated with the ETSB scores of those completing their course of study.
Since 1992, just two years after the ETSB introduction and about the time the college began initial pursuit of AACSB accreditation, the Monfort College has required every bachelors graduate in Business Administration to complete the ETSB assessment.
Not long after the hiring of a permanent faculty member to teach this content area, ETSB scores in the legal and social environment content area improved and stabilized.
Obviously the college likes to see results showing its students are among the best taking the exam, but perhaps more importantly, because the results are used to make operational changes, it is important for ETSB scores to reflect actual student learning and not the fiat of a disingenuous effort.