ETSCEuropean Transport Safety Council
ETSCEuropean Transport Safety Council (Brussels, Belgium)
ETSCEducational Technology Support Center (Washington)
ETSCEuropean Technical and Scientific Centre (EU)
ETSCEngineering and Technical Support for Life Sciences Contract (US NASA)
ETSCEngineering Technical Support Center (US EPA)
ETSCERADCOM Tactical Software Support Center
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The ETSC said that in many member states, road safety has been deprioritised in recent years, with cuts to traffic police enforcement, and a failure to invest in safer infrastructure.
ETSC is an independent non-profit organization based in Brussels, founded in 1993 and funded through a variety of sources, including subscriptions, European Commission funds, and public and private sector support.
Antonio Avenoso, the ETSC executive director, said: "There have only been a handful of moments in the last 50 years which could be described as big leaps forward for road safety in Europe.
"We echo ETSC's clear warning that reductions in road death and serious injury will not be forthcoming unless there is a new commitment to policing the roads.
However, it is this very flexibility that has angered the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), which says this isa"a missed opportunity for reducing road deaths in Europe".
On June 22, 2009 in the 3rd Conference on Road Traffic Safety Quality Indices of the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) in Brussels Latvia and Spain were awarded the Road Safety Award 2009 for continuous and successful strategy to reduce the number of killed in accidents.
De la Cour, William Busiri; overo, In van si fugge atnore 'Le nuove scene sono di ...' (1740) GB-Lbl 907.i.3.(8.) [CS: 4297; ETSC: T89957].
Subjects not included(a) Subjects (n = 245) in the analysis Variable (n = Value n 215) Cord (32)P 2.45 [+ 2.32 + 2.31 246 adducts(b) or -] 2.43 Prenatal ETSC 36.28 34.15 246 Female(d), 59.53 47.56 246 Gestational 39.68 [+ 39.67 [+ or 246 age(e) or -]1 -]1.34 49 Maternal 1.19 + 1.16 + 0.67 219 demoralization 0.62 score(f) Maternal 11.84 + 11.85 [+ or 246 education(g) 2.18 -]2.27 Maternal TONI 20.77 [+ 19.89 + 144 score(h) or 8.50 -]8.70 Home 39.98 + 38.62 [+ or 129 environment(i) 6.26 -] 6.52 Ethnicity 44.65 30.08 246 (AA%)(d),(j) Heating 53.95 59.57 235 season(k) (a)Some subjects were not included because of missing CBCL or information on at least one covariate.
The Commission intends to accelerate the deployment of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) and especially its ETSC (European Train Control System) component, to control train speed.
Algunos estudios senalan que con un mejor cumplimiento de la normativa de velocidad se podrian evitar en Europa (EU-15) unas 5.800 muertes cada ano, siendo una de las areas en las que las mejoras en la supervision y el control del comportamiento de los conductores podria reportar resultados mas sobresalientes (ETSC, 2007).
A spokesman for the ETSC said: "Data from countries that monitor mean driving speeds in free-flowing traffic show that drivers have slowed down appreciably since 2001.