ETSFElectronic Trading Standard Format
ETSFEuropean Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility
ETSFExchange-Traded Structured Fund (Switzerland)
ETSFElectronic Trading Standard Format (maritime industry)
ETSFEOC Training Simulator Facility
ETSFEnhanced Thin Slot Formalism
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Effects of EtSF Supplementation on Biliary and Fecal Cholesterol Contents.
Effects of EtSF Supplementation on Body Weight and Food/Drug Intake.
Given that N-HDL, HDL/LDL ratio, and LDL/HDL ratio are clinical parameters for assessing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, NAFLD, and metabolic syndrome in humans [30-32], these parameters were also adopted for evaluating the effectiveness of the tested EtSF extracts in mice fed with HCLD.
The elevation of serum HDL and LDL levels by EtSF extracts, in particular the EtSF-S/P, might result from a metabolic response to hypercholesterolemia, wherein the increased cholesterol content necessitates higher levels of LDL and HDL for transportation in the blood.
Therefore, it is possible that the EtSF extracts tested in the present study may protect against NAFLD and decrease hepatic GLU contents through a similar action mechanism.
In addition, the pharmacological actions produced by EtSF do not always display a dose-response relationship.
In conclusion, results obtained from the present study showed that the supplementation with EtSF produced a significant influence on lipid/GLU metabolism in ND- and HCLD-fed mice, especially in HCL mice.