ETSFElectronic Trading Standard Format
ETSFEuropean Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility
ETSFExchange-Traded Structured Fund (Switzerland)
ETSFElectronic Trading Standard Format (maritime industry)
ETSFEOC Training Simulator Facility
ETSFEnhanced Thin Slot Formalism
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NoMaD will foster sharing of all relevant data, building on the unique CECAM, Psi-k and ETSF communities, putting Europe ahead of materials science in other continents.
The ETSF is designed to, among things, facilitate formal and recorded trade within ECOWAS, broaden trade and market access for Nigerian products, deepen payment systems and use of trade instruments.
Chapman, president and chief executive of ETSF, revealed the reason to be a lawsuit initiated by a shareholder challenging the vote results from the special meeting where the merger was approved.