ETSSEpiscopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest
ETSSExtended Training Service Specialist (US DoD)
ETSSEnhanced Transactional Secure Software
ETSSEngineering and Technical Support Services
ETSSElectronics Technician Submarine (US Navy)
ETSSElectronic Telecommunications Switching System
ETSSExtended Training Services Support
ETSSEnvironmental Test Specification Summary
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En los modelos obtenidos con las lineas de corte segun los algoritmos MTP, ETSS y MTSPS, la especie presento una distribucion potencial a mas de 15 km de la zona costera.
The remainder of the Seminex library stayed in Austin and became the LSPS library, continuing in its service to LSPS and ETSS students and faculty.
Mikail McIntosh-Doty, an ETSS librarian, became the acting director of the LSPS library and later the LSPS liaison.
Beginning in 2004, as director of the WTS library, I worked with LSPS Director Wayne Menking and the ETSS Library Director Rob Cogswell to determine the most suitable way to provide services for the LSPS students and faculty and to honor the tradition of the Seminex library.
In turning over the collection, LSPS no longer provided remuneration to ETSS for library staffing.
We should emphasize the unique opportunity for an MTT or ETSS to integrate with the foreign military: "The importance of selecting the most highly qualified military personnel .
While the USAF aircrew member instructs in the South Korean F-1 5K unit, encouraging integration concepts in a role almost the same as that of the ETSS, a South Korean pilot or WSO could learn USAF flight methodology firsthand in a US operational squadron.
While remaining sensitive to the ROKAF culture, an ETSS or MTT in Korea could continually give members of that air force insight into differences that might adversely affect coalition operations.
Both the ETSS and JAWS are designed for use on site during testing to allow real-time feedback for the evaluator.
In addition to containing data collected by the ETSS and JAWS, the database contains MARS data.
Tender notice number : Hansfield ETSS - Loose Furniture