ETTPEast Texas Tech Prep Consortium (Tyler, TX)
ETTPEngineering Technician Training Program (Hudson Valley Community College; New York)
ETTPEast Tennessee Technology Park
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While building demolitions create the most visible changes, soil cleanup is vitally important to remove risks, protect the environment, and ultimately to complete the total cleanup effort at ETTP, said Karen Deacon, acting ETTP portfolio federal project director.
ETTP is in a constant state of change, and the end result will be a cleaner, privatized site that is available for reuse and serves as an asset to the community, Deacon said.
U S West operates and maintains the telephone switching system at ETTP and other sites on the 36,000-acre Oak Ridge Reservation.
With the strong telecommunications and networking structure that U S West provides, the ETTP is more attractive for the businesses wanting to locate here.
We came to ETTP for three reasons," says Huu Dinh, president of ATI.
Its remaining structures are the most contaminated facilities left at ETTP, following the demolition of five massive gaseous diffusion uranium enrichment buildings.
The demolition of K-1203 brings us another step closer to realizing our ultimate vision at ETTP, said OREM Manager Jay Mullis.
Under the terms of the contract, the team will manage and execute cleanup work at ETTP, providing decontamination and decommissioning services.
About 1,000 people attended the NPS affair symbolizing ETTPs transition from a restricted government facility to a multi-use industrial park.
Its the last of five gaseous diffusion buildings at ETTP, once known as the K-25 site or the Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant.
The overall project calls for MACTEC to provide comprehensive D&D work for each of the 10 highly contaminated process buildings within the reindustrialized area of the ETTP, thereby addressing the legacy hazards remaining from processing radioactive materials in support of the Cold War effort.
MACTEC's responsibilities under the contract include work such as sampling, radiological surveying, decontamination, characterization, equipment removal, dismantlement, demolition, packaging, certification, transportation, and disposal of all waste and debris generated to provide a turnkey D&D project at the ETTP site.