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"If college isn't in the future, it gives them a chance to learn a trade," Etue said.
The lack of equity in the allocation of ice time seems to be the most restricting factor to girls' and women's involvement in the sport (Etue & Williams, 1996).
"In the past couple of years, companies have changed their security budgets to where DLP and encryption are actual line items," says Etue. Whereas 3 or 4 years ago, it was a "nice to have" feature, it is becoming a requirement.
The magazine format was intended to appeal to media-saturated teenagers, said Kate Etue, the managing editor of Revolve.
As sophomore Emily Etue observed, "The service learning project was a chance for our class to work as a team, we lost our sense of individualism and worked together for a common goal.
For example, the East Turkestan Information Bulletin, published by the East Turkestan Union in Europe (ETUE), a Munich based organization, says that its mission is to "disseminate objective current information on the people, culture and civilization of Eastern Turkestan and to provide a forum for discussion on a wide range of topics and complex issues." (48) According to some analysts, most of these groups and associations have "consistently advocated peaceful means" to gain their independence from the PRC.
Developed in collaboration with director Anne Etue and dramaturg Judith Nihei, Tokyo Bound reflects America's desperate search for a multi-ethnic philosopher's stone, and Hill has toured the show around the country, from Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival to the New York Shakespeare Festival.
As countless feminist sport theorists (e.g., Cohen, 1993; Dowling, 2000; Easton, 1996; Etue & Williams, 1996; Fletcher, 1984; Fraser, 1989; Griffin, 1998; Henderson et al, 1996; Hoepner, 1974; Jutel, 1998; Lenskyj, 2003; Parry, 2005; Ryan, 1995; Theberge, 2000) have pointed out, sport is bound by various constraints related to the social perspective on gender.