ETUFEgyptian Trade Union Federation
ETUFEssener Turn und Fechtclub (German: Essen Gymnastics and Fencing Club; est. 1884)
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Decree 97 also extends the terms of incumbent union office-holders for six months or until the next ETUF elections (whichever comes first).
Almost a thousand new unions independent of ETUF have been established since the Jan.
In April 2009, after a lengthy row with ETUF leaders and the government, 27,000 employees of the Real Estate Tax Authority announced the formation of their own autonomous union.
Tamer Fathy, a spokesman for the Centre for Trade Union and Workers' Services (CTUWS), said many workers have rejected ETUF in favour of independent unions that safeguard their rights and are accountable to them.
ETUF said a strike by the factory workers was unavoidable if demands for a six-month bonus and giving permanent jobs to more than 650 workers were not met by the owner.
Hamdy Hussien, a security general with the Egyptian Communist Party, told Daily News Egypt that "it is obvious that the ETUF is biased against the workers.
However, ETUF media officer Yehia el-Sawi said that the labour body will hold a low-profile celebration in Cairo today to honour veteran labour activists and commemorate the memory of workers who were killed during the 18-day uprising that forced Mubarak to step down on February 11.
The ETUF also categorically rejected the "politicisation of trade union work" though it praised President Al-Sisi's work several times in its statement issued on its official website.
Organisations like the EFITU and the EDLC however had to fight with legal hurdles, since labour laws granted the ETUF a de facto monopoly on workers' representation.
Meanwhile Al-Meraghy held a meeting with his new board as per the Abu Eita decision on Monday amidst tight security at the ETUF headquarters.
ETUF Chairman Abdul Fattah Ibrahim said: "It is disgraceful that my colleagues are kidnapped while we remain inactive," adding that they would work continuously for the colleagues' release.
A new law allowing the establishment of two or more subsidiary trade unions within one institution has been discussed by the workers community earlier in September, with the independent workers announcing their approval and ETUF rejecting the law.