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[75] Also the restructuring of one of the two biggest specialised credit institutions in public hands, the Hellenic Bank for Industrial Development (ETVA) and the ATE, has advanced; [76] ATE's capital adequacy ratio exceeds, as of June 2000, the minimum 8 per cent as a result of the various measures taken by the government in 1999 and 2000 and ATE has now a sound balance sheet.
(76.) ETVA completed cleaning its balance sheet from doubtful debts ahead of the 5-year business plan introduced in 1995, with a total recapitalisation cost to the budget of GRD 427 billion (1.1 per cent of GDP), and is profitable since 1998.
Completion of on superision cleaning the balance sheet of ETVA Continue modernisation of Steps to modemise the regulatory capital market regulations farmework, supervisory process and transparency Measures to support the development of financial markets (venture capital, regulatory farmetwork for real estate mutal funds and investment companies, legal framework for securitisation of assets) Strengthen competition Strengthen the Competition Commitee further Lower subsidies Step up restructuring of the agricultural sector, rein in subsidies and monitor and evaluate programmes VIII.