ETWBEnvironment Transport and Works Bureau (Hong Kong)
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Perhaps the most relevant source of reference is the scorecard model developed and used by the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for assessing contractor performance (ETWB 2005).
As shown in Figure 5, the SHR in wet-coil region varies between 1 > SHR [greater than or equal to] 0) and increases with the decrease of ETwb. There is also a critical point ([ET.sub.wb.sup.0], [Q.sub.T.sup.0]) when SHR is close to 1, where
Furthermore, critical points ([ET.sub.wb.sup.0], 1) and ([ET.sub.wb.sup.0],) separate curves (SHR - ETwb) and ([Q.sub.T] - [ET.sub.wb]) into wet curves and dry lines, respectively.