ETZElektrotechnische Zeitschrift
ETZMetz/Nancy, France - Frescaty (Airport Code)
ETZElectron Transparent Zone
ETZEdelstahl Technik Zechner (German: Zechner Stainless Steel Technology; Austria)
ETZExtensional Transform Zone (geology)
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Third, the intelligence analysts identified trends in IED indicators in each ETZ and developed appropriate counter-IED TTP with the operations section.
Subsequent slides showed each ETZ individually on a larger scale.
We believe the opportunities for the ETZ to expand the commercial RoadRailer operations through other countries in Europe are great.
the conclusion of their active executive roles in ETZ, its
ETZ intends to issue within the next few days a proxy statement for the approval of the transaction in an Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders which will be held on September 30, 1999.
On the Jewish view, see the comment made about Adam eating the forbidden fruit in ETZ HAYIM [TREE OF LIFE]: TORAH AND COMMENTARY 18 (David Lieber ed.
The problem is well summarized in ETZ HAYIM, supra note 181, at 27 n.
ETZ Sterilization, Sterilization Systems, Southampton,--PA
For example, if EFPs were generally set-up along a threelane road in an ETZ to target a specific vehicle in the center lane, then the unit S2 would recommend the convoy vehicles drive either along the far side of the road or as close to the shoulder of the road where the EFP might be.