ETZElektrotechnische Zeitschrift
ETZMetz/Nancy, France - Frescaty (Airport Code)
ETZElectron Transparent Zone
ETZEdelstahl Technik Zechner (German: Zechner Stainless Steel Technology; Austria)
ETZExtensional Transform Zone (geology)
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Nick Woodward, chief executive of ETZ Payments, said: "It is startling to see the sheer number of middle-class workers having to leave freelance work due tof chasing invoices."
ETZ Payments chief executive officer Nick Woodward said: "Millions of workers are being held back in life because their employers are not paying them properly or on time.
Fitch rates ETZ by first applying its Revenue-Supported Debt Rating Criteria.
// Decrypting Process obj1 ='01234567') with open("warehouse/cabinet_encrypt.xhtml', 'r') as outFile: chipertext = dec2 = obj1.decrypt(ciphertext) topRoot2 = ETZ.fromstring(dec2)
Five 90 minutes (2 x 45 minutes) focus groups [10] were conducted at the ETZ and were facilitated by two moderators (MH, MW, or EB).
Journals' bias for publishing only positive results also contributed to replication failures, report Alexander Etz, at the University of Amsterdam at the time of the study, and Joachim Vandekerckhove of the University of California, Irvine.
The newly approved projects include dozens of new housing units in in the West Bank settlements of Alon Shvut, Etz Efraim, Carmel and Rahelim according to the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.
All that remains of the Jewish community of Crete is a very old synagogue--a Venetian building--that bears the Hebrew name Etz Hayyim, which means "tree of life." This "tree of life" is orphaned now, as all its children were lost.
The second half of verse 19 offers an ambiguous juxtaposition of man and tree as the ground for this ruling: ki ha-adam etz ha-sadeh lavo mi-panekha ba-matzor: Are trees of the field human beings that they should come under siege by you?
Erik Etz, executive officer at the Naval Air Warfare Center's training systems division, agreed that training will be critical to maintain future troop readiness.
Integration adds comprehensiveness and continuity to primary care (PC), enhances teambased care, and creates opportunities for collaboration to improve outcomes (deGruy & Etz, 2010; Dickenson & Vineis, 2002).
CLINTON -- Irwin Etz Fox, 76, of 21 Nelson St., died Tuesday, Jan.