ETZElektrotechnische Zeitschrift
ETZMetz/Nancy, France - Frescaty (Airport Code)
ETZElectron Transparent Zone
ETZEdelstahl Technik Zechner (German: Zechner Stainless Steel Technology; Austria)
ETZExtensional Transform Zone (geology)
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Third, the intelligence analysts identified trends in IED indicators in each ETZ and developed appropriate counter-IED TTP with the operations section.
Subsequent slides showed each ETZ individually on a larger scale.
Without a doctrinal term, the commander dubbed these sections of route "elevated threat zones," or ETZs.
the conclusion of their active executive roles in ETZ, its
Invitations to tender (summary) : EPF de Zurich, site du centre, btiment ETZ
The project includes all the interfaces between buildings ETZ and GLC within the ETZ from basement to Z and with basement and attic K (outbreaks, new corridor situations, etc.
Upon the sale of the Yehudai shares the Yehudai family will resign from the Board of Directors of Etz and of is subsidiaries, as well as their involvement in ETZ and its subsidiaries.
ETZ intends to issue within the next few days a proxy statement for the approval of the transaction in an Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders which will be held on September 30, 1999.