EU1European 1 Department (International Monetary Fund)
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loss of third party trade from countries which are EU members, is determined from the dummy EU1 where only of a country pair is an EU member.
(SABER) n (PAG) sup.*.sub.j]) Business Administration (BA) AE (1) 10.45 4.21 Administration of Safety and E(0.827); 11.52 4.89 Occupational Health (ASOH) IE(0.25) Public Accounting (PA) PA (1) 10.42 4.6 Law (L) L (1) 10.52 4.61 Economy (E) EU1 10.67 4.52 CP(0.28); Civil Engineering (IC) L(0.17); 11.44 4.95 IE(0.62) Mechatronics Engineering CP(0.36); (McE) E(0.11); 11.93 5 IE(0.64) Multimedia Engineering IE(1.01) 10.93 4.68 (MtE) Telecommunications IE(1.003) 10.82 4.63 Engineering (TE) Industrial Engineering (IE) IE(1) 10.79 4.62 Medicine (M) IE(1.11) 11.98 5 International Relations and PA(0.60); Political Studies (IRPS) L(0.41); 11.54 5 IE(0.09)
In Thailand, the company's non-core assets comprise of its interests in blocks EU1, E5N and L15/43.
Although the Treaty of Amsterdam (1997) confirmed the importance of cohesion in the process of integration (Cuenca and Rodriguez 2007), the document "Agenda 2000" (European Commission 1997) was the result of fierce argument between the countries in favour of continuing to drive cohesion and those in favour of reformulating the CRP to limit the financial stress on the EU1 5 of the entry of candidates with notable relative income lags.
EU1 and was named after the Latin word for hunter because the first reported infected patients were 2 occupational hunters from Austria and Italy (2).
The CNRM-CM5 model (or EU1) does relatively well there, and it attains its top overall ranking through substantially better scores than other models for psl over the GL and Asia (AS) domains (where it is ranked first).
Let's remove the ban so that all our beef can qualify [for export to the EU1."
1 EU1 0.95 2.34 Ankistrodesmus bernardii ANB 0.10 0.06 Ankistrodesmus densus AND -0.48 -1.27 Ankistrodesmus tortus ANT 1.01 -0.77 Amphikrikos hexacosta AMH 0.15 -1.03 Asterococcus limneticus ASL 0.11 1.56 Choricystis minor CHMIN 0.81 -0.10 Coelastrum proboscideum COP -0.07 -0.28 Coelastrum reticulatum COR -0.10 -0.69 Coelastrum sp.
The target company is valued at more than EU1.3bn at current market prices.
"The implementation of a ninth 6,200 TEU vessel to its Japan-North Europe (EU1) service completes an environment-friendly program aimed at lowering emissions," said Alliance spokesmen in a statement.