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EU3Euro-3 (France, England and Germany)
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We have our own responsibility if things don't move forward to have our own list in case it were necessary," an EU3 official said.
In September, the EU3 plus three foreign ministers agreed that if discussions between Iran and the IAEA, and with Javier Solana, the European Union's foreign policy chief, did not show a positive outcome by November we would press for further Security Council action.
Earlier, President Bush agreed in talks with French President Chirac to put on hold a push for UNSC sanctions against Iran to give the EU3 more time to persuade Tehran to suspend uranium enrichment.
This mission has been entrusted to the EU3, which has been involved in negotiations with Tehran for over two years and high-level negotiations between political leaders have already started.
But in a remarkable admission, Rowhani suggested that Iran had used the negotiations with the EU3 to dupe them.
It was said last week that Rafsanjani was now behind decisions pertaining to Iran's negotiations with the EU3 (France, Germany and the UK) over the nuclear issue and that, in close co-ordination with Khamenei, he was to steer the Iranian side of the negotiations towards a compromise deal with the EU3 and the US.
And the negotiators with the EU3 are senior members of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC).
While the US is convinced that Iran is hiding a secret programme to build nuclear weapons, the EU3 are only slightly less categorical in their assessment.
But the EU3 are also right to believe that diplomacy is the only way to avoid a destabilizing nuclear breakout that would foreclose a more stable, nonnuclear regional order in the long term.
Citing Sirus Naseri, a member of the Iranian delegation to the nuclear talks with the so-called EU3, the report said the agreement does not require Iran to abandon its program to enrich uranium.
All petrol models now comply with the tough EU4 emissions standard, which comes into force in 2005, and all diesel engines comply with EU3.