EUBEnergy and Utilities Board (Alberta, Canada)
EUBEvangelical United Brethren (church)
EUBEisenbahn-Unfalluntersuchungsstelle des Bundes (Germany: Federal Railway Accident Investigation Bureau)
EUBElectric Upright Bass
EUBEU–Büro (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung; German ministry of Science)
EUBEuropean Union Bank
EUBEssential User Bypass
EUBEnd-User Building
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In sum, the EUB cannot conserve Alberta's biodiversity single-handedly.
The EUB also ruled that issues relating to the economics of the project, land use planning, and the need for increased power would not be discussed at the hearing.
(148) See Alberta Energy and Utilities Board & Government of Canada, Report of the EUB-CEAA Joint Review Panel, Cheviot Coal Project, Mountain Park Area, Alberta: EUB Applications No.
The probes that were used in FISH method Probe Florescent Code Oligonucleotides DYE LEGPNE1 5'-ATC TGA CCG TCC CAG GTT-3' CY3-5' Non 338 5'-ACT CCT ACG GGA GGC AGC-3' FAM-5' EUB 338 5' GCT GCC TCC CGT AGG AGT- 3' CY3-5' ACANTHA 5' TTC ACG GTA AACGAT CTG GGC C-3' FAM-5' EUK 516 5'- ACC AGA CTT GCC CTC C-3' CY3-5' Table 2.
The qPCR amplification of 16rRNA functional genes was conducted with the following primers: 1055f/1391r (EUB) [13, 14], CTO 189fA/B/RT1r (AOB) [15], Nspra-675f/746r (NOB) [16], and Amx809f/1066r (AnAOB) [17, 18].
EUB Tywysog Cymru gyda'r Athro Medwin Hughes, DL, Is-Ganghellor, yn ystod ymweliad i gampws Llambed y Brifysgol HRH The Prince of Wales with Professor Medwin Hughes, DL, Vice-Chancellor, during his visit to the University's Lampeter campus
We denote this process by KEU Extract EU Key Sparams; mk; EUb.
EuB The shelters were briefly used again to house Britain's first big wave of Caribbean immigrants on Cti the liner Empire Windrush in 1948.
The forward primer EUB f933 (5'-GC-clamp-GCACAAGCGGTGGAGCATGTGG-3') and reverse primer EUB r1387 (5'-GCCCGGGAACGTATTCAcCG-3') were used to amplify the 16s rRNA gene [8].