EUCCCEuropean Union Chamber of Commerce in China
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The EUCCC report was also critical about the tightening restrictions on the use of Internet and increased censorship.
Therefore, EU companies are excluded from the essential part of the Chinese domestic market, which is worth more than one trillion euro annually, according to the EUCCC.
Further reforms and opening up through removing barriers to all players would foster competition and encourage the development of private industry and small and medium-sized enterprises to add strength to China's longer-term economic development," commented Davide Cucino, the president of EUCCC.
The EU should use "technology leverage" to extract better conditions out of Beijing, stresses the EUCCC.
European businesses profitability projections in China have dropped to an all-time low, amid declining growth and rising labour cost across the world's second largest economy, according to the the Business confidence survey 2013' released by the EUCCC with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.
The EUCCC uses this finding to stress the sharp contrast between the openness of the EU and the closedness of the Chinese market to foreign investors.
Several EU firms based in China describe the regulatory environment there as being "discriminatory against foreign companies," according to the Business confidence survey 2012', released by the EUCCC on 29 May.
On the same day, the EUCCC, in its new annual position paper, called on the Chinese leaders to make a radical strategic shift by offering equal access both to foreign and domestic investors.
We strongly oppose such protectionist measures," added the EUCCC,which represent the interests of European business based in China.
The lack of reform of the regulatory environment is worrying and has a disproportionate impact on foreign business as well as on the domestic private sector," commented Davide Cucino, the president of the EUCCC.
China's progress over the last ten years has amazed the world, but much work still remains to be done to create a level playing field for all companies here," said Davide Cucino, president of the EUCCC.
Public procurement is another key area of concern for EU firms, as highlighted by the recent position paper of the EUCCC unveiled earlier this month.