EUCSEnd-User Computing Satisfaction (measurement)
EUCSEuropean Union Consulting Services (Italy)
EUCSEdinburgh University Computer Services (Scotland)
EUCSExeter University Choral Society (UK)
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EUCS requires subjective self-reports of end-user satisfaction in five areas: content, accuracy, format, timeliness, ease of use of a computer application.
Table 3: Factor Analysis of EUCS instrument Rotated Component Matrix (a) Component 1 2 Precise info .
H2: The users have equivalent perception towards ERP systems on nine items of EUCS construct across management levels (i.
1]: The users have favorable perception towards ERP systems correspond to nine items of EUCS construct.
Further, the study provides the constructs to measure and evaluate EUCS among the private companies in Labuan F.
The model will become the fundamental guidelines to examine factors contributing to EUCS in finance department among private companies.
The survey used the EUCS instrument from Doll et al.
The instrument was pre-tested respecting the content of the 12 EUCS items, even in relation to the English language, which is considered a common language in the six branches.
Doll and Torkzadeh's EUCS instrument has been validated with voice mail and e-mail applications (Adams, Nelson & Todd, 1992), software applications on either a mainframe or PC/desktop (Hendrickson, Glorfeld & Cronan, 1994), telephone interactive voice response systems (Downing, 1999), data warehouses (Chen, Soliman, Mao & Frolick, 2000), and ERP systems (Somers, Nelson & Karimi, 2003).
In this model, one first-order factor accounts for all the common variances among the 12 items of the EUCS.