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EUDErhvervsuddannelser (Danish)
EUDEnd-User Development (European Commission)
EUDEuropean Union Delegation (EU)
EUDEnd User Diagnostic
EUDEurope of Democracies (Alliance for a)
EUDEuro Disney SCA
EUDEnd User Device
EUDExploration of the Universe Division (NASA)
EUDEuropean Union of the Deaf
EUDEuro-Africa Division
EUDEnektrik Üreticileri Dernegi (Turkish manufacturer's association)
EUDEquivalent Uniform Dose
EUDEuropa-Union Deutschland (German)
EUDEtiology Undetermined
EUDEuropean Union of Dentists
EUDÉditions Universitaires Dijon (French)
EUDEducational Universal Design
EUDEarliest Urge to Defecate
EUDElimination of Unmatched Disbursements (US DoD)
EUDExtended Unit Death (gaming)
EUDEngineer Utilities Detachment
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These security features enable the EUD to obtain Authority to Operate (ATO) on a US Government network, even when disconnected from the operations center.
With an EUD tolerance of 5 patients, the recommended stockpiles increase to 1,172 and 15,697 ventilators for moderate and severe scenarios, respectively.
Currently there are approximately 7,500 sign language interpreters in nearly 40 European countries (Ibid), but the EUD and the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (efsli) assert that this number desperately needs to be increased (Wheatley & de Wit, 2014).
Supported by an NCO equipped with the MFLTS app on the NW EUD, the Exercise Force Commander learned that the truck driver had recently delivered his cargo and visited his family in an area controlled by insurgents.
13) Additionally, two EUD and two STR informants referred me further to their friends, acquaintances, or neighbors, who further referred me to people in their own personal networks; thus I was able to reach a diverse population.
In this special section, [the editors] bring together a set of articles that give readers an in-depth look into the social and business issues of EUD as well as present cutting-edge technology to make EUD easier and more effective for all.
The EUD of precipitation is calculated by using the weighted precipitation data as discussed above.
This will involve ongoing support and advice to the EUD, and also to the various projects financed by EU funds.
Systematics' concept demonstrator comprised the SitaWare Edge-equipped and Android-based EUD integrated into a chest mount fitted to a body armour vest; as well as a tactical radio and conformal battery pack.
1st Class Jack Carlson, a construction supervisor and the detachment sergeant for the 207th EUD.