EUDAEuropean Development Agency (Czech Republic)
EUDAEnd User Developed Applications (computing)
EUDAEnd-Users of Derivatives Association (finance)
EUDAElectric Utility Distributors Association (various locations)
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As a means to investigate the curing behavior of EUDA TAG, a large number of commercial curing packages based on accelerated, aliphatic amines were formulated with the resin and evaluated by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC).
No yellowing was observed for the EUDA TAG formulations cured at 60[degrees]C.
In testing of coatings prepared from EUDA TAG, excellent UV stability was observed.
conical bend were also obtained for coatings based on EUDA TAG.
Coatings Properties for Blends of EUDA TAG and BADGE
Blends of EUDA TAG with BADGE have also been evaluated.
From the coatings properties obtained for blends it has been observed that the BADGE imparts improved cure rates, higher [T.sub.g]s, and better corrosion resistance to the EUDA TAG, as is shown in Table 2.