EUEOMEuropean Union Election Observation Mission
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According to the website, in its report on Yemen's presidential and local elections in September 20006, EUEOM recommended that the proportional list should be adopted.
Tallawi, whilst denying that the EUEOM members were thrown out of the symposium, stood by the statements heard in the video clip, which focused on the embarrassed and frustrated EU observers.
The issue is not what the ladies at the NCW said, as they are, of course, entitled to their opinion even if they have missed the point of the EUEOM.
The EUEOM members are not in Egypt for their own enjoyment and neither do they have an agenda to destroy the country.
In a statement released in English, the NCW said that Al-Tallawi allowed the EUEOM members to attend the symposium, upon their request.
The NCW said the EUEOM report "runs contrary to the reality on the ground", denying information in the report which concerns limiting the activities of civil society organisations in Egypt.
Al-Tallawi, female judge Tahani Al-Gebali and politics university professor Mona Makram Ebeid condemned the EUEOM report for addressing challenges faced by civil society organisations.
In its report, the EUEOM stated that civil society organisations are "often restricted or harassed".
David said that the EUEOM believed the decision cause "unnecessary uncertainty" and that he did not believe that it would affect the outcome.
David said the PEC had informed the EUEOM that the participation rate at the time of writing the preliminary report was 47.
He added that the EUEOM will also be present during the ballot counting process and the team also has members at the Presidential Elections Committee headquarters where citizens' complaints are received.
The EUEOM is expected to present a preliminary report on 29 May, two days after polling closes.