EUFÉpreuve Uniforme de Francais (French, Quebec uniform test)
EUFEuropean Underwater Federation
EUFEnd User Facilities
EUFEquality with Uninterrupted Functions
EUFEquipment, Utilities and Facilities
EUFE Uluslararasi Fuar Tanitim Hizmetleri AS (Turkish trade fair company)
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In a press conference in Quezon City, Dennis Ilagan of Barangay Santiago and one of the most vocal residents in the area claimed the enforcement of the EUF was railroaded causing undue harm to the townspeople.
On day 7, the piglets in basal diet + diquat and EUF diet + diquat treatments received an intraperitoneal injection of diquat at 8 mg/kg BW while the piglets on basal diet received the same volume of sterilized saline.
Which of the factors (i.e., EUF and the Big Five personality traits) is the strongest predictor of students' EFL achievement?
These DNA samples were used as the template to amplify and sequence the 16S subunit from the rDNA operon with universal primers: direct EuF 5'-AGAGTTTGATCATGGCTCAG-3'; reverse EuR 5'-TACCTTGTTACGACTTCACC-3' (Heddi et al.
1 CO1 1.11 -0.34 Crucigeniella retangularis CRR 0.76 0.64 Eutetramorusfo ttii EUF -0.65 0.10 Eutetramorus planctonicus EUP -0.73 0.36 Koliella sp.
Eficiencia de utilizacao de nutrientes para producao de folhas (EUF) EUF = [(Materia seca de folha).sup.2]/Conteudo de nutriente na parte aerea, em [g.sup.2] [mg.sup.-1] e [g.sup.2] [mg.sup.-1] para macro e micronutrientes, respectivamente.
The energy performance of cogeneration systems can be characterized by the Energy Utilization Factor (EUF) (6), which is the ratio of the sum of the electrical power and the rate of useful heat ([Q.sub.U]) produced to the rate of energy input from the fuel consumed ([Q.sub.F]) (i.e., EUF = ([P.sub.EL] + [Q.sub.U])/[Q.sub.F]]), and the Heat to Power Ratio (HPR), which is simply [[Q.sub.U]/[P.sub.EL]].
Deviation 0.0436 0.0243 0.0214 Skewness -0.8565 -0.7129 -0.2430 Kurtosis 4.2013 4.0381 5.6189 Jarque-Bera (JB) 17.3287 12.3121 28.0829 p-val (JB) 0.0002 0.0021 0.0000 Table B1--Correlation Matrix (NF) [MKT.sub.NF] [SMB.sub.NF] [HML.sub.NF] [MKT.sub.NF] 1.0000 [SMB.sub.NF] -0.1226 1.0000 [HML.sub.NF] -0.1536 0.1125 1.0000 Table B2--Correlation Matrix (EUF) [MKT.sub.EUF] [SMB.sub.EUF] [HML.sub.EUF] [MKT.sub.EUF] 1.0000 [SMB.sub.EUF] 0.0443 1.0000 [HML.sub.EUF] 0.1948 0.0936 1.0000
If one is risk averse, then he/she would maximize an EUF function, such as one developed by von Neumann (Chambernowne 1969, 98).
Raiders stole three computers and an LCD television set from EUF Computers in Chapel Street on the night of October 30.