EUFÉpreuve Uniforme de Francais (French, Quebec uniform test)
EUFEuropean Underwater Federation
EUFEnd User Facilities
EUFEquality with Uninterrupted Functions
EUFEquipment, Utilities and Facilities
EUFE Uluslararasi Fuar Tanitim Hizmetleri AS (Turkish trade fair company)
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EUF and the Big Five personality traits) is the strongest predictor of students' EFL achievement?
001, with higher levels of extraversion being associated with higher levels of EUF.
In addition, the Big Five personality traits and EUF together had a statistically significant impact on EFL achievement.
En el siguiente apartado ofrecemos el marco teorico sobre el cual se sustento el diseno de los examenes que nos ocupan para, acto seguido, referir el desarrollo de la investigacion, de corte cualitativo, que se realizo para comprender los efectos que los EUF han tenido en el aula de italiano.
Los EUF vehiculan estrategias tanto para aprender como para valorar lo aprendido.
The baseline conditions for the cogeneration system were EUF = 0.
As the amount of heat needed onsite decreased, EUF was adjusted to maintain a constant ratio of EUF/(1+HPR) = [[P.
The raiders broke in and stole two Acer lap tops each valued at pounds 529, an EUF computer valued at pounds 799 and a 32 inch TV valued at more than pounds 1,200.
The universities working together in the EUF mutually support each other.
This study was designed to evaluate the effect of the source of nutrient--N alone or in combination with P and K--on the distribution of different available N and P pools by EUF in rhizosphere and bulk soil of field-grown corn (cv.
Both rhizosphere and bulk soil was sieved at 2 mm in a wet state and stored at 4[degrees]C before processing for pH, organic carbon, and EUF measurements.