EULEuropean University of Lefke (est. 1990; Cyprus Science Foundation)
EULEnhanced Uplink (wireless networking)
EULEnd User Layer (Oracle Discoverer)
EULEnd User License
EULEnhanced Uplink
EULEnd User Layer
EULEnhanced Use Lease
EULEfficient Unit Load (logistics)
EULÉquipes Unionnistes Luthériennes (French Lutheran association)
EULEuropean Union Law
EULEconomic Useful Life
EULEnvironmental Unit Leader (USCG)
EULEstudantina Universitaria de Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal students musical group)
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EUL investment could benefit the local community, base infrastructure and clean, renewable energy and resources
The EUL program provides a win-win situation for developers, real estate management firms and local VA facilities.
According to the provisions of the agreements between parties, EUL may require that a certain number of shares will be subscribed for by and issued to BLML.
The Greens and EUL are not in favour of maintaining Jeleva, while the ECR (Eurosceptic right) plans to wait until all the hearings have been completed before taking a stand.
The Greens and the EUL had also proposed draft resolutions but these were rejected.