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Filled with a who's who of brilliant mathematicians who questioned, refined, and contributed to a remarkable theorem's development, Euler's Gem will fascinate every mathematics enthusiast.
Trade Bank of Iraq is approved by Euler Hermes as a borrower for medium and long term export credit agency financing with repayment terms of up to five years.
The two sets of four are what Leonard Euler (1707-1783) in the last years of his life called mutually orthogonal squares or 4x4 squares that could be superimposed so no two entries were duplicated.
The Euler equations are widely used in the natural and engineering sciences because they can be applied to numerous flow phenomena in physics and engineering: using equations similar to those employed to describe avalanches, one can also model phenomena such as tsunamis, hurricanes, aeronautical flows, solar waves and collapsing supernovas.
Commerzbank AG acted as the facility agent for both SERV and Euler Hermes covered facilities.
According to Euler Hermes, initiatives that foster the acquisition of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematical) competencies and improving digital skills are big contributors in enabling countries to move up the rankings.
Then there exists a [T.sub.*] > 0 and a unique solution [u.sup.0] [member of] [L.sup.[infinity]]([0, T]; [H.sup.s]([T.sup.3])) to the incompressible Euler equations (1.4) with the initial data [u.sup.0.sub.0](x) satisfying for any T [member of] (0, [T.sub.*])
Alba successfully closed a $1.5 billion syndicated term-loan facility comprising two tranches: Conventional Facility & and Islamic Facility in October 2016, and as well as the first tranche of the Export Credit Financing of $700 million for Euler Hermes and SERV-covered facilities in July 2017, it stated.
In November last year Allianz had purchased 11.34 percent of Euler Hermes' shares.
The constant [gamma](p) appears naturally as the Euler constant for a p-analogue of the Riemann zeta function (Kurokawa-Wakayama [10] (2004)), with the slight difference that our [gamma](p) equals their
When x = 0, [E.sub.n] = [E.sub.n](0)(n [greater than or equal to] 0) are called the Euler numbers.
L'Observatoire International du Commerce a pour principale vocation de restituer au marchAaAaAeA@ l'expertise Euler Hermes qui accompagne s les cinq continents les dAaAaAeA@cideurs pour dAaAaAeA@tecter les nouvelles opportuni et les aide AaAaAeA mieux gAaAaAeA@rer leurs risques au jour le jour.