EUMETNETNetwork of European Meteorological Services
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The zenith troposphere delays estimated at GOP in near real-time contribute to the EUMETNET GPS Water Vapour Programme and they are distributed to meteorological agencies worldwide.
EG-CLIMET has helped in defining and shaping the new E-PROFILE program set up by the Observations Program Manager Team ("Obs PMT") of EUMETNET, the body responsible for providing a framework for the European national weather services to work together.
EUMETNET members come from countries within the European Union and Balkans, mostly lying west of 30[degrees]E.
EUMETNET is active in observations, forecasting, and climate issues.
The OPERA members fund the activities through EUMETNET and one of the members is chosen to coordinate the work for a predefined period.
The performance monitoring of the radar data center takes place at the EUMETNET Composite Observing System (EUCOS) Quality Monitoring Portal, hosted at the German Weather Service [Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD)].
The work to improve the quality of the wind profiles is ongoing in close cooperation of the EUMETNET Profiling Program (E-PROFILE; see www.
This recommendation has been endorsed by both EUMETNET and WMO.
Within EUMETNET, the work against radio disturbances is coordinated by the EUMETNET Radio Frequency Manager (www.
The funding from EUMETNET is crucial, as it guarantees ongoing project management and funding of the project work.
Gaussiat, 2012: EUMETNET OPERA Radar Data Center: Providing operational, homogeneous European radar rainfall composites.