EUNISExtreme Ultraviolet Normal Incidence Spectrograph (US NASA)
EUNISEuropean Union Nature Information System
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Se ha preferido utilizar la clasificacion de habitats EUNIS, clasificacion comun para toda Europa, por las ventajas que se derivan de la misma.
Eunis, 21, is a business student at the University of the West of Scotland but he only got into university after taking an HND in business at college.
NASA's NuSTAR satellite, which normally looks for X-rays radiating from far-flung black holes and exploding stars, corroborates the EUNIS results.
CIRCA (herramienta de comunicacion entre Grupos de Interes tematicos), REPORNET (red para la elaboracion de informes que da soporte para asegurar la calidad de los datos en los flujos de informacion de datos especificos) y diversas bases de datos especializadas, como por ejemplo Airbase, EUNIS, Summer Ozone, Wastebase y Waterbase.
Fashionistas were hot on the heels of the founder of the Aennis Eunis label to catch a glimpse of his signature designs at Saks Fifth Avenue in Bahrain City Centre and get his John Hancock on their favourite designer footware and shoe sketches.
Proceedings of the 11th European University Information Systems (EUNIS 2005), Manchester, UK, 22-27.
As Ziya Eunis, professor of international relations at Koc University in Istanbul, noted, "A tide of reforms were initiated, which the powerful 'anti-EU coalition' in Turkey found it progressively more difficult to resist."
Eunis Francois Battiste Malcolm Gaius Charles William Wendell Pierce Sonia April Yvette Thompson Broke-ology" is "a complex new science that examines two things," says older brother Ennis King in Nathan Louis Jackson's tough and tender play.