EUNISEuropean Union Nature Information System
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Se ha preferido utilizar la clasificacion de habitats EUNIS, clasificacion comun para toda Europa, por las ventajas que se derivan de la misma.
NASA's NuSTAR satellite, which normally looks for X-rays radiating from far-flung black holes and exploding stars, corroborates the EUNIS results.
Paper presented at the EUNIS 2003 Conference, July 2-4, 2003, Amsterdam, Holland.
02 Contract Notice: RSPB Northern Ireland, as lead partner in an EU funded project, is seeking the services of competent supplier to deliver detailed habitat mapping to an appropriate level of detail, incorporating the EUNIS classification with options for Lidar mapping on SAC sites by the end of 2018.
2002--The Diversity of European Vegetation -An overview of phytosociological alliances and their relationships to EUNIS habitats--Rapp.
Cole has been a regular contributor to the opinion-editorial pages of leading industry publications, and he has chaired Oracle's presence at many industry conferences and events such as EDUCAUSE, Alliance, NACUBO, and EUNIS.