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EUPHORIAEnd User Programming with Hierarchical Objects for Robust Interpreted Applications
EUPHORIAEnd User Programming with Hierarchical Objects for Robust Interpreted Applications (rapid deployment software)
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In a statement, Meirelles said, 'Market participants, companies, in the past had significant losses because of excessive euphoria, because they bet on trends in an exaggerated way.'
Patients with significant chronic pain will not misuse pain medication to experience euphoria because:
"Pain specialists make an important distinction between patients who depend on opiates to function normally--to get out of bed, tend to household chores, and hold down jobs--and addicts who take drugs for euphoria, and whose lifestyles deteriorate as a result of taking opiates, instead of improving.
"It's easy to understand the euphoria felt by our conservative friends and colleagues at the Reagan landslide....
Zhu Dake, a Chinese commentator, says Super Girl is "like a gigantic game that has swept so many people into a euphoria of voting, which is a testament to a society opening up."
"It was a euphoria," says Emory Etheridge of his first experience with crystal methamphetamine.
More than half of those also suffered from a major episode of depression along with the usual manic episodes of euphoria or unusual cheerfulness associated with the disorder, which usually manifests itself at the age of 19 years or slightly younger.
An economic boom creates a state of mass euphoria in which pointing out the contradiction is derided as pessimism or negativity.
Pitorak explained, and 'the absence of hydration and nutrition may even induce an analgesic euphoria' as ketone bodies build up in the blood.
This situation can quickly transform a homebuyer's euphoria with their new home into dissatisfaction with their agent, who was likely held in the highest esteem just days before.
It wallows in unbridled euphoria; it drips with double-speak, mock-sincerity, and cynicism.