EUPMEuropean Union Police Mission
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of 4 July 2003 to send the Russian police officers to the EUPM in Bosnia
Also, the EUPM should not be regarded in the narrow sense of an instrument of police reform.
The latest became the second EU police mission in the Balkans after the EUPM. In accordance with its mandate, the international staff of the mission was entitled to "monitor, mentor and reconcile" the Macedonian police and to "promote European standards of police." (4)
EUPM concluded at the end of June 2012, with approximately 35
"The completion of EUPM reflects the progress achieved by Bosnia and Herzegovina in strengthening the rule of law," High Representative Catherine Ashton noted as she explained that Sorensen's office would "support further improvements and accompany BiH on its path towards EU accession".
In addition, since January 1, 2003, the EU Special Representative has guided the EUPM in Sarajevo with the goal to mentor and monitor middle/senior police and to inspect the creation of a professional, multi-ethnic police service in BiH.
Today SIPA--known by some newspapers as "the Bosnian FBI"--is recognised by EUPM as the main state-level law-enforcement element in the fight against organised crime in BiH with a payroll of almost 1,000.
Under the EU, in the first ever civilian crisis management deployment under the European CFSP (EUPM, 2004), the mandate of the mission is no less authoritative than that of the UN IPTF.
2 EU DEPLOYMENTS AND CODENAMES Macedonia (military: Concordia) Macedonia (police: Proxima) Democratic Republic of Congo (military: Artemis) Democratic Republic of Congo (police: Kinshasa) Democratic Republic of Congo (envoy: EUSEC) Bosnia-Herzegovina (EUFOR: Althea) Bosnia-Herzegovina (police: EUPM) Georgia (justice officials: Themis) Iraq (justice officials: Lex) Political constraints
In the second half of 2005, the European Union has four concurrent missions engaged in (re)forming the indigenous police forces in Bosnia (the EUPM), Macedonia (the EUPOL Proxima), Congo (the EUPOL Kinshasa), and Iraq (the EUJUST Lex).
Furthermore, Romania has participated in many CSDP missions, taken place in Europe, Africa and the Middle East: EUPM in Bosnia and Herzegovina, EUFOR Althea, EUJUST LEX Iraq, EULEX Kosovo, EUPOL Afghanistan, EUMM Georgia, EUNAVFOR ATALANTA in the Gulf of Aden, EUBAM Rafah and EUPOL COPPS, in the Palestinian territories (75).
The decision to discontinue operations of the European Union Police Mission (EUPM) to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), on 30 June, has provided an opportunity to assess the results and future prospects both for the country and EU missions in general.