EUPTEuropean Union Planning Team
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Means of proficiency level of CLIL and Non-CLIL students in the EUPT Group CLIL Non-CLIL group group Mean 21.389 18.944 SD 5.700 4.359 N 18 18 Mean 2.444 Difference T-Score 1.445 Eta 0.055 Squared P 0.158 Figure 1.
Roy Reeve, who heads the EUPT, will be second in command.
The ministers took note of the planning of the Kosovo rule of law' mission (see page 14) and decided to extend the EUPT mandate to 31 March 2008.
Due to the lack of agreement between the UN Security Council's members on the new resolution for Kosovo, the Council is expected to further extend the mandate of the EU Planning Team for Kosovo (EUPT) on 23-24 July.
In parallel with status talks on Kosovo, the EU is continuing preparations for its future International Civilian Mission in Kosovo (EUPT Kosovo), which is due to be launched at the beginning of 2007.
It will be a major civilian and security mission devoted to supporting the state of law (EUPT Kosovo), focusing in particular on the police and judicial system, and is likely to involve some 1,000 staff.