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(52.) Franck, supra note 41, at 1584, 1586; Ankersmit, supra note 16 (citing EURAM v.
(1) This paper was presented at the European Academy of Management conference (EURAM '15), June 17-19, 2015, in Warsaw, Poland.
We are grateful for comments and suggestions on an earlier draft provided by Adriano Proenja, Carlos Denner, Susan Hill and 2 anonymous reviewers at the EURAM 2014 Conference.
Acknowledgments The authors are grateful to assistants to the 2012 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, XXIII Congreso Nacional de ACEDE, EURAM 14th Annual Conference and Strategic Management Society Annual International Conference for their valuable suggestions.
He also introduces his own coinages: "afram" for "African American" and "euram" for European American.
She is a reviewer of Academy of Management (AOM) and European Academy of Management (EURAM) as well as the Journal of Brand Management (Palgrave MacMillan) and Journal of Organizational Change Management (Emerald).
Full conference paper for the European Academy of Management Conference (EURAM 2007).
Practically SCC can be useful to shorten the construction time of large-scale construction, but it could also be used in various projects to eliminate vibration and noise risks, thus improving the working environment on the site (Okamura, Ouchi 2003; Brite Euram 2000).