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EURATEXEuropean Apparel and Textile Organisation
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The Euratex said China's tendency seemed to be more and more textile exports whose manufacturing was eased by more advanced and productive machinery, at the expense of garments which are much more labour intensive.
Mandatory origin marking is highly controversial inside the textile industry: inside Euratex, the European Apparel and Textile Confederation, just like in the European Council, Southern countries plead in favour and Northern countries against.
According to Francesco Marci, director of EURATEX, Macedonian textile firms have to be trained further to improve the quality of their production, packaging and logistics.
Del mismo modo los 3.089.800 de trabajadores de 1990 se han reducido a 2.329.600 en 1998 (EURATEX, 2000).
Al inicio de su conferencia, Unruh reconocio y agradecio la presencia de algunos de los mas destacados asistentes: los representantes de Dow, Dekendorf, Lenzin; algunos miembros de la Comision Europea, Euratex y algunos destacados politicos y academicos que se han destacado por su cooperacion con las mas industrias textileras:
I see members of the European Commission, Euratex, and other important political bodies that aim to ease rules for corporate citizens.
In the face of the proliferation of eco-labelling schemes, the European Apparel and Textile Organization (Euratex), headquartered in Brussels, which supports a single European eco-label, prepared a comparative study on eco-labels in use in 1993 in order to coordinate the industry response and cooperate with the Danish competent body preparing a draft criteria catalogue.
Effective from January 2017, Mr Klaus Huneke is the new Euratex President for a two-year term.
The project is SME driven with EColoRO as coordinator and 6 partners from 3 EU member states with key know-how on waste water purification (VITO, EColoRO), textile technology and production (Inotex, Utexbel), electro-coagulation and engineering (Morselt), process technology, open innovation and project support (ISPT) and EU wide market access in the textile sector (Euratex).
Euratex, the European Apparel and Textile Confederation, welcomes the joint decision taken by EU and US authorities to start negotiations to conclude a trade and investment agreement (see Europolitics 4586).
Euratex, a European association of textile producers has strongly opposed the idea of giving Pakistan a preferential treatment.
13, the Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the European Textile and Clothing Confederation (EURATEX), which is expected to help Taiwanese and European clothing manufacturers to sharpen competitive edge in China and globally.