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EURATOMEuropean Atomic Energy Community
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But Brexit legislation to leave the EU also means withdrawal from Euratom, a separate legal entity governed by EU institutions, because under the European Union Act 2008 the term "EU" includes Euratom.
EU's and Euratom's senior unsecured debt has also been affirmed at 'AAA'.
Euratom is a separate legal entity to the EU, but is tied up with its laws and institutions, including the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice (ECJ).
And the British Nuclear Medicine Society said: "Leaving Euratom will impact on supplies and cost of medical radioisotopes."
That risks a period when we are YOU could be forgiven for not having heard of Euratom - and it's doubtful many MPs knew about it until the last few days.
One tricky question is who will now inspect the British sites that generate power, fabricate fuel and manage waste, as the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) currently leaves much of the inspection work to Euratom. Britain (which has 15 nuclear reactors accounting for 21 per cent of its electricity) takes up about a quarter of the time Euratom spends on safeguard checks in the EU.
Mr Barnier's proposal for the UK to assume "all rights and obligations associated with the ownership of [fissile] materials or property transferred" is seen in Brussels as a necessary housekeeping exercise to remove Euratom's claim on nuclear fuel used in UK power stations as well as uranium isotopes used in radiotherapy.
Securing the UK's world leading nuclear energy and radioactive waste research facilities associated with Euratom is vital and must be part of the transitional arrangements at the point exit.
"Euratom also does basic radiation protection and reactor safety and nuclear waste management research and development via the EU Joint Research Centres, for which the UK provides annual multi-millionpound donations to the EU."
The ratings are solely grounded on the backup provided to the EU and Euratom from their 27 member countries, which boast an overall high credit quality.
As EURATOM has also signed an agreement with the United States, strengthened cooperation between Japan, the U.S.
The Irish Government did not have the backbone or courage to "stand up and say no" at the European Council of Ministers, either over the Euratom money or the loans scheme.