EURCENTCentral Europe
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Custody of galvanic coating treatment service for semi-finished copper on euro coins (1 EURcent, EURcent 2, 5 EURcent) - Exercise of the option for a further 12 months.
Suzanne Prose of Commander, Cruiser Destroyer Group Two, communications planners at Commander Sixth Fleet (C6F), as well as with the critical shore communication nodes at the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Stations Atlantic and Europe (NCTAMS LANT and NCTAMS EURCENT).
To support OIF, C6F, NCTAMS EURCENT, NCTAMS LANT and CTF 60 established a communication architecture which relied upon commercial and military satellite communications for network and telephone services, including SIPRNet chat and e-mail for tactical operations and coordination, and unclassified e-mail for embedded media support.