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EURECAEuropean Retrievable Carrier (satellite)
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Diaton Tonometer, manufactured with precision received Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Research and new Technology in Geneva & the Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Innovation Research and New Technology - "Brussels Eureca".
He conducted some developments for Caterpillar Inc., lectured at Eureca College (1985-1991), was a visiting researcher for NASA at Langley AFB in Hampton, Virginia, lectured at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia.
1993, at C5 (discussing the 1993 shuttle Endeavor's mission to retrieve the 9,800 pound European Space Agency's satellite EURECA through the use of the shuttle's robotic arm as practice for repair and retrieval of the Hubble telescope); see also WILLIAMSON, supra note 15, at 260 (discussing the Russian Soyuz' ability to ferry people and objects in and out of space).
This publication details the findings of a 2007-2010 study known as the EURECA Project, in which researchers and experts from ten European countries formed a consortium with the objective of moving towards the self-sustainability of European, regional cattle breeds.
Swedish security services group Securitas AB (OMX Stockholm:SECU B) said on Monday (13 October) that its Belgian subsidiary Alert Services Holding has acquired Eureca Benelux Services in Belgium, Satworld Group in the Netherlands and LuxTracing in Luxembourg.