EURODIACONIAEuropean Foundation for Diaconia
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* Signing Associations: AGE (the European Older Peoples Platform), Autism-Europe, Caritas Europa, EAPN (the European Anti-Poverty Network), EDF (the European Disability Forum), Eurodiaconia, FEANTSA (the European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless), Inclusion Europe, and Mental Health Europe.
* Combating Social Exclusion - Service providers and users have something to share is the title of a conference on actions in Europe to combat social exclusion that is being sponsored in Brussels from May 15 to 17 by Eurodiaconia (a European social welfare organisation of protestant and orthodox tradition), with the support of a number of other social welfare associations from different European countries.
Conference venue: The International Association Centre, Rue Washington, 40, 1050 Brussels - Information: Eurodiaconia, rue Joseph II, 166, 1000 Brussels, Belgium - Tel: +32.2.(0)2.234 3860; e-mail: