EUROSIFEuropean Social Investment Forum (Europe)
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Eurosif, the European Social Investment Forum, concluded in an October 2003 study that "SRI has already entered the mainstream financial markets in some countries, and is increasingly being accepted and adopted by the greater financial community." In nations like the United Kingdom, it's routine for investors and activists to query companies about their corporate responsibility.
(184) See European Sustainable and Responsible Investment Forum, "Socially Responsible Investment Among European Institutional Investors: 2003 Report" at 46-48, online: Eurosif <http://www.
Kitas turtas investuojamas: 25 % Siaures Amerikos rinkose, 9 % Japonijoje, Hong Konge, Australijoje ir 7 % kitose kylanciose rinkose (Eurosif 2008).
The European Union has as much as Euro 336 billion invested on socially-responsible criteria, according to a joint report from the European Sustainable and Responsible Investment Forum (Eurosif) published in collaboration with the European Commission on October 17.