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tax laws passed in 1979 and 1986, American owners of EUSC ships no longer can avoid paying taxes on their incomes.
31 For a fuller discussion of the EUSC concept, see Whitehurst, Jr., pp.
tax laws passed in 1979 and 1986, American owners of EUSC ships can no longer avoid paying taxes on their income.
Baroness Catherine Ashton as the current holder of the position has to chair the quasi-monthly meetings of the Foreign Affairs Council, to coordinate external policies of the Commission by working in close cooperation with Trade, Development, Enlargement and Economic and Monetary Commissioners, plus other Commissioners when agenda items require their presence, to head the newly created European External Action Service, to preside over a number of boards of 'domain relevant agencies' (15) such as European Defense Agency (EDA), European Satellite Centre (EUSC), European Union Institute for Strategic Studies (EUISS) or European Security and Defense Studies (ESDC), and last but not least to represent EU in CFSP matters and international organizations.
The EP committee also urges the member states to guarantee the interoperability of their different observation and reconnaissance systems and recommends "the urgent conclusion of agreements between the EUSC [EU Satellite Centre] and the EU member states to provide imagery available to ESDP operation and force commanders" (Par 7).
law sought by EUSC shipowners is that they be allowed to defer taxes on profits that are reinvested in their business.
Frank Asbeck, the director of the EU Satellite Centre (EUSC), which is an agency of the EU, explains that the EUSC took over from the security organisation the Western European Union (WEU).
"It will be the Council, not the EUSC, who will be a party to such agreements once the negotiations are over but the EUSC is participating actively in the technical part of the talks and is keen for the negotiations (on Helios 2, Cosmo Skymed and SAR Lupe) to bear fruit," said EUSC Deputy Director Tomaz Lovrencic.