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The problems with relying on EUSC shipping are twofold.
tax laws passed in 1979 and 1986, American owners of EUSC ships can no longer avoid paying taxes on their income.
It will be the Council, not the EUSC, who will be a party to such agreements once the negotiations are over but the EUSC is participating actively in the technical part of the talks and is keen for the negotiations (on Helios 2, Cosmo Skymed and SAR Lupe) to bear fruit," said EUSC Deputy Director Tomaz Lovrencic.
An EU source explained that, among the lessons learnt from the EUFOR Congo mission set out in an official document was that the EUSC provides a "high value capability for crisis management operations," but its assets are "often underused" and there is a need for greater awareness of its potential capability by Operations Headquarters and Force Headquarters staff.
Located in the outskirts of Madrid, Spain, the EUSC is responsible for strengthening the European Union ability to gather geographical information used to help prevent conflicts, contribute to peacekeeping and deliver aid in cases of natural or human-caused disasters.
As a function of the agency's mandate, the EUSC on a daily basis collects and uses an immense volume of mission-critical geographical data.
Neither the current EUSC fleet nor fully foreign flag options provide a pool of maritime labor necessary to operate DoD's reserve fleet of sealift vessels," he said, "and depending on foreign-based companies carries a significant risk in time of war.